Saturday, June 29, 2013

Manga For Summer that make you wish for school to come back!

It's summer! woo hoo and now you have fuck all to do with your life and are waiting for school to return to your bleak meaningless existence. Don't fear! I have the absolute solution to your woes in the form of a summer manga list that will make the days fly.
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new cover
So High School girls manga has changed it's north american image twice, with the top appealing to girls? and the bottom appealing to guys? I have no idea because this manga is as shoujo as it gets. It kind of has to be, they talk about periods for chrissakes and other sensitive female topics in the BEST OF WAYS. I've laughed literally out loud to this manga so many times.
it makes you happy about high school hijinks but also happy you dont have to deal with them in your summer oasis.
Oyayubihime infinity is about reincarnation
it's about a boy looking for his reincarnated lover, and finding? her in his high school class! honestly this book is like a pleasant mystery, there's no dead bodies, there's alot of high school drama, but its just plain cute!

keito is a girl who feels her life ended when she was a child, she shuts herself in her house until one day when she ventures outside and is invited to a "free school" called "Cat Street" there she meets other students as lost as she is. I love this manga it hits you right in the feels. All the characters are both real and likeable, and the romantic aspects are understandable as well, all in all this manga is extremely well thought out and is surprisingly short. You can read it in a summer afternoon.
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