Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dark Side Cat /Ankoku Cat /Dark Cat I WANT TO SEE THIS

Look at how badass this kitty looks, fuckin cape blowing in the wind and all that. I want to watch this anime so baddd each episode is only 6 minutes long at a total of 6 episodes so only 36 minutes altogether. Here's some reviews from fans, tell me it doesnt sound like the most awesome shit ever.

YoungVagabond on
Dark Side Cat is an upright-walking feline with a killer fashion sense, a natural talent for parkour, and a desire to smash as many cars, stores, and kick as many human heads as possible.
                                     takes some time off crime to hang with his main pussy, kiki

                                                               First episode
 Like I said, best review ever. Only problem with this anime issss ; its like impossible to torrent. Not kidding I've google searched to no avail even has a bad poorly seeded copy.
                                            oh how I want a high quality version of this.

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