Saturday, April 23, 2011

Some of The Best Anime Crossdressing (Guys to Girls)

Crossdressing (for some odd reason) is a huge part of japanese anime, its everywhere. From full on stories of characters who crossdress to scenes or entire episodes. Can anyone really deny that these mix ups are fun? Do we as humans just get a sick pleasure from a switched up genders? Here I'll break down the top ten best Scenes/pics/series with crossdressing men.>:D

1.Ciel From BlackButler
  If you havent seen black butler, WATCH IT. its good. Anyway Ciel the main shota character makes an adorable gothic-lolita girl.

2.Yuki from Fruits Basket
well with a show called 'fruits basket' how can you not be a fruit hyuk hyuk (jk this show is great)

3. Prince from Shugo Chara

4.Code Gaess (suzaku and lelouch)
 i admit they already have the slim body but..still doesn't look right

                                             that dress, guuuuurrrl.

5.Hayate From Hayate The Combat Butler
There's something seriously wrong about this pic..he looks way too fuckable
6. Shuichi from Gravitation
                                                   What would you do if this came running at you?
7. Team From Bleach
                                           Ichigo's face= viewer's reaction

7. Host Club from Ouran High School Host Club

8.Cherry Girls From Cherry Girls
                                              Those are all guys.

        9.L from Death Note

Its more likely than youd think =3-

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  1. What Anime/Episode does the GIF at the top of this page come from?