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Two Of The Most Boring Studio Ghibli Films EVER MADE!

H'okay so studio ghibli is a powerhouse of great, creative and awe-inspiring anime movies. They came up with some memorable titles as Spirited Away (2000) and My Neighbor Totoro (1994). These movies where amazing, and ushered in over a decade of great hits. Unfortunately some of the earlier works from this studio are a bit...well they suck. Let's take a look at Some works from ghibli's dark, seldom looked into past.

1st Movie: Only Yesterday or "Memories come Tumbling Down", in Japanese. Memories not only tumble down, they crash and burn into a jumbled up mess of plotlines that 'sort of' make sense. I swear I skipped through the movie all over the place to find interesting scenes, but THEY NEVER CAME. All I got was a semi-story with no concrete plot and an unsatisfying ending. Not only that, but since its bona-fide ghibli people praise it for being 'realistic'. Well another word for 'realistic' is 'boring'.
                                            Maybe if there was something 'explicit' or 'objectionable'
                                             I'd want to actually watch it again.

 Okay ill give a brief summary, So Taeko, 27,unmarried (which is an issue with her family, ohhhhnnooo) decides to visit the country. On her train ride she reminisces about her childhood and early teen years, and how they've effected her today. Actually sounds like a decent storyline at first.
It would be interesting, except the memories she relives are chosen by the director using a dartboard full of useless ideas. I mean when has your family eating a pineapple for the first time effected your adult life? Im not even kidding here the movie spends ten minutes showing the family cutting a pineapple, distributing it, then eating it. The climax of this 10-minute scene was that they didn't like it.
                                           BUT LOOK HOW FUCKING EXCITING IT IS
That's not all, there's a scene where the main character as a childgets offered a job in show business. I was like 'This is where the plot heats up! its about to get interesting!' but NO all i got was a plot twist COCK-TEASE. Nothing came of that entire scene. I understand the studio's love of realism and slice of life story but COME ON, people watch movies to be entertained, not to watch someone live a normal life. The only other scene with some interest is one where the little boys at her school discover
periods. The boys reason that all girls who sit out during gym are on the rag and make fun of them. Taeko has a cold and needs to sit out during gym, so she spends that whole day avoiding gym and the teasing. The cool thing about the scene is that it actually mentions periods, which is strange for any movie (especially an animated one). Also this scene features a 8-year old girl who is like the buddah of periods and doesn't even mind being called 'a dirty cootie tampon'. I found that badass for a child.
      There is a romantic element towards the end that was nowhere near resolved
                                                     Unsexual laughter.
Which is understandable considering Taeko talks that guy's ear off with her stupid flashbacks to tidbits in her life that are in no way relevant. This picture also stresses my other problem with this movie:
HER DIMPLES ARE AS DEEP AS A TRENCH. So now I'll show the part that saved this movie.
                                                               Barefoot = Justified Abuse

2nd Movie: Ocean Waves or 'I can hear The Sea' in Japanese. I can hear the snores. This is another film
with a questionable plot. What I gathered from watching (and wikipedia) this entire story is about some guy dealing with a straight-up bitch.
I'll give her the whole 'Tsudere who boses people around and speaks her mind thing' but there were too many gaps where not much happened..The main part of the story is when she forces Taku (main char)
to take a trip with her to visit her father...and he gets mad about
                                           Growing up was never this boring.
The fun parts come towards the end where there is a high school reunion, some people get drunk, make confessions...Honestly I cant remember much else of the movie it had almost no impact on me.
                                          Once again violence returns as a dealbreaker.

So whats the verdict? Apparently Studio ghibli films from the 90's needed constant abuse and violence to sell. Maybe Im just not getting the realism thing. Whatever it is, you probably want to download these movies.:D


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